Welcome to Guya’s Garden

In a world that is constantly changing people are looking for a foundation. People are looking for clarity. Here at Guya’s Garden that is exactly our point of promise. We are dedicated to helping you find what is needed in your life to keep you thriving and surviving and to be the best version of you. We have a personal trainer that is dedicated to 1 on 1 sessions with our clients where meticulous measures are made to make each training session unique and tailored to each client. Our wellness center is dedicated to helping our clients find their daily use supplements geared towards revitalizing the body from the inside out on a cellular level.

Guya’s Featured Products

Essential Oils

Guya’s Essential Oil rejuvenates your body from the inside out! The combination of oils penetrates your skin to the blood, versus sitting on top of your skin like a common lotion. Anything wrong on the outside of your skin, first begins by healing on the inside of your skin. Guya’s Essential Oil is your answer!


Whipped Body Crème

All our organs are important but our largest organ, which is our skin, is essential to your body. Guya’s Whipped Body Crème is a skin rejuvenator and healer. The texture alone will leave you wanting to dive into every jar. Once it hits your skin it immediately changes its form into an oil and absorbs in your skin to the blood.


Sea Moss Gel

Our bodies need 102 trace minerals to survive, Sea moss alone provides 92 of them! Most known for its health benefits that include but are not limited to helping strengthen the immune system and help to prevent sickness, natural weight loss, regulate cholesterol levels, helps with thyroid issues, skin healing properties and so much more.


“ The only constant is CHANGE! ”