Vision Statement

In a world that is constantly changing people are looking for a foundation. People are looking for clarity. Here in Guya’s Garden that is exactly our point of promise. We are dedicated to helping you find what is needed in your life to keep you thriving and surviving and to be the best version of you. We have our personal trainer that is dedicated to 1 on 1 sessions with our clients where meticulous measures are made to make each training session unique and tailored to the client. Our wellness center is dedicated to helping our clients find their daily use supplements geared towards revitalizing the body from the inside out on a cellular level. We have products ranging from African Soap to Sea moss Gel to Designer brand Perfume and Cologne Oils. All handmade product’s contain no chemicals or GMO’s. All handmade products are made with 100% natural ingredients. Our goal is to get people to understand and be confident that though the world is changing, there are always natural things we can use to keep consistency and clarity in our lives!

About Shu

Shu, the founder of Guya’s Garden was born in Columbus Ohio. Graduated with a degree in electronics engineering and also a US Navy Veteran. With a background in various martial arts, Shu has always taken focus to the body and how it operates. Shu’s overall mantra or path of life is just that! Life is constant and we have to be prepared for it. Life is bound to happen, that is the blessing of life.